joey and chandler, friends.

Pablo Picasso and Le Corbusier, Unité d’Habitation, Marseille


Ringo Starr: "Bob was our hero. I heard of him through John, who’d played his records to me. He was just great, he was this young dude with great songs. Songs of the time, poetry, and a great attitude."

Lou Reed and John Cale at Spencer Studios, NY

Jack is the easiest person to work with that I have come across in my whole career. First of all, he’s tremendously professional, and secondly, it’s very easy for him to do anything you ask. I think he spoils the director, and the writer, because any lines you give him Sound right even if they’re awkward or badly written. When he says something, it sounds authentic. He never asks you to change anything. Every other actor I’ve worked with has said, at some time, “Can I change this?” or “Can I take this out?” But that never happens with Jack. It’s amazing, really. - Roman Polanski (x)

Nirvana, Madrid (July 3, 1992)

Photo by Allen Ginsberg

David Lynch and Grace Zabriskie on the set of Twin Peaks.